Bacha Coffee in Marrakech: a must-do experience for coffee lovers!

Have you ever heard about Bacha Coffee in Marrakech?

The historical Bacha Coffee in Marrakech is a paradise for coffee lovers. It is a unique coffee shop located inside the Dar el Bacha, which means “house of the pasha.”

In particular, the pasha was the governor in charge during the French colonial period, between 1912 and 1956. This sumptuous palace was built for Thami El Glaoui, which can still be visited today. After the Second World War, the palace was closed and it remained intact as a time capsule. It was then restored and reopened to the public 60 years later, in 2017. Inside the palace there is also the Musée Des Confluences, in addition to Bacha coffee.

A visit to the museum and a good coffee!

After visiting the museum, you can stop for a fascinating, multi-flavored experience at Bacha Coffee. The menu has 23 pages, and it contains 200 coffee variants that come from the 30 world’s top coffee-producing countries. Each coffee is 100% Arabica, so that the quality is maintained for each type of coffee. There are 4 types of Arabica coffee beans: single origin, blended, flavoured, and decaffeinated.

The waiters will be happy to help you choose the right coffee for you: by asking questions about your tastes, they will be able to indicate to you a coffee that will satisfy you for sure. Cream, Chantilly cream, vanilla, raw sugar and milk are then added manually by the waiters according to the customization of your drink. The curious gooseneck coffee pots from which the coffee is poured have a double coating that allows them to keep the coffee hot longer.

In addition to coffee, you can also enjoy a good lunch. Many traditional Moroccan dishes are available on the menu; In order to end the experience on a high note you can also try many desserts, both traditional Moroccan and from around the world.

The last stop of the visit before leaving the palace is the coffee shop where you can buy Bacha coffee. There you will find many elegant coffee sets with typical Moroccan decorations.

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