Morocco natural beauties

Do you know what Morocco’s natural beauties are?

In addition to its famous cities, popular destinations for tourists from all over the world, Morocco has plenty of “natural attractions”. For travellers who love nature, it is the ideal place for a trekking and an adventure vacation. Let’s see which are the main natural attractions in Morocco.

Ouzoud Falls

The Ouzoud Falls, which means waterfalls of the mills in Berber, are located on the Middle Atlas mountain range. The three 110-metre-high waterfalls leave the tourists speechless who venture to explore the mountain. The falls can be reached either from Béni Mellal, which is 120 km away, or from Marrakech, 150 km away.

Ourika Valley

To observe a different landscape from the one in Marrakech, we can go to the Ourika Valley. Following the course of the river, we can admire the typical landscape of the upper Atlas. The excursion starts from the village of Setti-Fatma, from which we can reach the main attraction: the Ourika waterfalls. During your stay you can also visit some typical Berber houses, where you will be offered a delicious and refreshing mint tea and where you can buy typical handicrafts. If you are lucky you can also find traditional markets in Ourika or in nearby towns.


Numerous hiking routes in the desert start from the town of Merzouga. For tourists who want to experience how Bedouins crossed the expanse of sand dunes, we recommend a one or more days excursion,  while riding a camel. For those who are searching for adrenaline and adventure, on the other hand, an off-road excursion will be more suitable.

Paradise Valley

The crystal-clear waters certainly inspired the name of Morocco’s Paradise Valley. The local name for the valley is Tagharat Ankrim, a name derived from the river that flows through it. Here, you can stay in tents overnight for free.

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