Riad: living the Moroccan culture while sleeping!

During your trip to Morocco, the choice of the place to sleep is crucial. Besides the location and the services offered by an accomodation, it is also important to choose the type of experience you want to live. To fully understand Morocco’s culture, we raccomand staying in a riad inside the Medina. Among the most famous, we can find those in the Medina of Marrakech.

What is a riad?

Riads are housing structures inspired by Roman domus, but influenced by Arab architecture. They are usually built round one or more courtyards; As a matter of fact, the name means garden. Nowadays the majority of them have been renovated and they are used to accomodate tourists.

Main features of Moroccan riads

They are usually located in the historical part of the city, more precisely in the Medina. They can sometimes be difficult to reach by car given the narrow streets that characterize these areas. It is very easy to get lost and so we advise you to inform well before your arrival about any nearby points of reference.

Riads are structures built around courtyards adorned with flowers, plants and fountains where you can relax. Being originally private dwellings, they are small accomodations. Due to the small size of the builiding, the relationship between the guest and the owner is certainly closer than in a hotel. The owners are often available to provide tourist information.

The rooms have windows that overlook the inner courtyard and not the outside. They are decorated with traditional Moroccan objects and colourfull fabrics. You can also find mosaic decoration on the walls.

Moreover, you can find a terrace that is used for eating: here you can taste typical dishes.

It is sometimes difficult to understand the standard of the riad in which you would like to stay. In fact, there is no rating for this type of accomodation, as there are for hotels.

Not all the cities have a large number of riads. The cities with the majority of riads are Marrakech and Fès.

Why do you have to choose riad in Morocco?

If the goal of your trip is experiencing Moroccan culture far and wide, then you must stay in a riad.

In addition, the prices will satisfy any traveller’s pocket, the choice is wide! The types of the room are different: from the most luxury to the simplest ones. The services offered by the accomodation also need to be considered.

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