Festival dei fiori di mandorlo a Tafraoute

Almond Blossoom Festival in Tafraoute: a unique experience

Have you ever heard about the Almond Blossoom Festival in Tafraoute? 

Every year between Jenuary and February, the Almond Blossoom Festival takes place in Tafraoute. The town’s 4000 inhabitants open their doors to visitors ready to be enchanted by the beauty of the flowers covering trees. The almond is widely used in typical Moroccan recipes and the town of Tafraoute is one of the largest producers.

How does the festival take place?

This unique festival takes place in the ancient Roman ruines, in the heart of the Moroccan city. Originally, the Festival was celebrated by the villagers during harvest time. Prosperities and the new harvest were celebrated. However, the beauty of the city and the traditions have attracted many tourists during these years.

During the Almond Blossoom Festival, you can taste typical Moroccan dishes and sweets, prepared with almonds. However, the entertainment doesn’t stop at the starters: music, dancing and local artists enliven the streets of the city. In the evening the Roman ruines are illuminated and the show comes to life. Performers enchant the audience with dance, music, but also they tell stories from the past.

The Almond Bloosoom Festival is made special above all by the inhabitants of Tafraoute. Thanks to their hospitality, typical of Morocco, they manage to create a magical atmosphere that gives tourists a unique experience!

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