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What to visit in Morocco: the most beautiful cities

What to visit in Morocco? What are the most exciting cities to see?

From culture to tradition, passing through typical dishes and festivals, Morocco has suitable cities for everyone. Every city offers a different but unique experience full of motions, adventures and leisure. Let’s see together the most beautiful cities for your next holiday.

What to visit in Morocco: our 10 tips!


Marrakech is one of the most famous and important Moroccan cities, situated in South-Centre of the country. It is also called “the red city” or “the ochre city” for its sandstone walls and buildings. Marrakech is the destination from which several tours and trips start. The Medina is a mandatory stop, which is a vivid market in the historical city centre.


Casablanca is a Moroccan harbour city, that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. It’s the best choice for those who are looking for a relaxing holiday. The Hassen II mosque, one of the biggest in the world, is one of the most interesting place of the city.


Rabat overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and it is the capital of Morocco. It is the centre of the Moroccan traditional cuisine and it is also famous for historical monuments, embroidery and for luxury carpets.


Fès is the most ancient of the four imperial cities and it is considered one of the major Moroccan art cities. It is divided in “New City” and “Old City”, where it is possible to find every kind of good, carpets and potteries.


Tangeri, situated on the Strait of Gibraltar, is a harbour city that doesn’t disappoint in terms of tourism. It is built as an amphitheatre overlooking a wide bay.


Asilah is a city located to the South of Tangeri and it is particular for its beaches and the tranquillity of streets. It is a suitable city for those who want a relaxing holiday rather than the genuine tourism.


Chefchaouen, also called “The Blue Pearl of Morocco”, is a calm and picturesque city. It is an ideal destination for those who want to explore the narrow streets surrounded by blue walls.


The Hollywood of Morocco is situated  about 4 hours from Marrakech and it was the location of several films. The kasbah of Taorirt, which is an open air museum, is a must visit place.


Meknes is one of the Moroccan Imperial cities and still today we can appreciate the ancient architecture. In addition to the Medina there are 25 mosques, 10 Turkish baths and numerous buildings.


Essaouria, situated on the ocean, is famous for its Medina and it is in the list of Unesco World Heritage Site. It is a suitable destination for surf lovers, thanks to ocean breeze all over the year.

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