5 things to know before leaving for Morocco

Morocco is a very popular tourist destination, an incredible country that entices great number of tourists. The country offers a unique combination of cultures, architectures, food, landscapes and histories to discover. However, travellers should know several things before diving in this world. Here is the list:

The weather

Morocco has a varied weather according to the areas in which you are. Generally summer temperatures can be very hot, while in winter nights can be fresh. Before leaving, make sure you know the average temperatures of the area where you are staying in.

The language 

Morocco official language is arabic, but many people speak french, spanish and english, mainly in tourist areas. Learn some useful arabic words or phrases that will allow you to communicate better with locals, such as: “Salam” (Hi) or “Bslama” (Goodbye).

The currency

Morocco official currency is the Moroccan dirham. To save money, the best solution is to pay with credit cards (generally, according to the bank, the maximum commition applied is 1%).

The food 

Morocco has a wide history and culture. Moroccan cuisine is famous all over the world. Make sure you will try the cous cous, the chebakia and the pastilla, but you need to pay attention because some dishes could be spicy.


As tourism has increased, so has the number of unlicensed guides. These fake guides identify foreigners and they offer them tours in exchange for money, bringing them into specific shops where they earn money for every purchase. Unlicensed tourist guides undermine local economy, preventing artisans to benefit from this field.

It is better to do a search and book tourist guides that know and respect the territory as we do.  Contact us!