Ramadan: the holiest month of the Islamic culture

Ramadan is the nineth month of muslim calendar, dedicated to fasting, praying, meditation and self-discipline. It is a period of time that lasts about 1 month, the holiest month of the Islamic culture.

Every year the beginning of Ramadan coincides with a different day, because Islamic calendar follows the phases of the moon. A Saudi Arabia religious committee decides the beginning and the end of Ramadan.

The respect of Ramadan

The purpose of Ramadan is to help the believer to grow spiritually and to come closer to God. During these days people pray and say Koran words avoiding bad behaviors, such as gossip, telling lies and getting angry. For all 30 days fasting is mandatory from sunrise to sunset, except for seek people, pregnant women, older people and the women that are in their period.

The so called suhoor, which is breakfast before sunrise, and the so called iftar, which is the break of the evening fast are two very important moments for Muslims. Breakfast is a fundamental meal, beacause it provides the necessay energy to face the fasting day. Moreover, it is believed that eating during the suhoor is an act of worship to God.

The breaking of the evening fasting is a long-awaited moment for the Muslim community, because it represents the opportuniy to gather with friends. relatives and share the meal together, after a long fasting day. Generally the breaking of the fasting day starts with the “maghreb” which is the pray at the sunset and it consists in a light meal, made of water and dates, followed by a complete meal.

The end of the holy month

The Eid al-Fitr celebrates the end of Ramadan. The joyful celebration is a sign of gratitude towards God for the fullfillment of the fasting period and for the blessing received.

The Eid al-Fitr celebration starts with a common pray at the sunrise, which is perfromed in open-air mosques or in public places. After the pray, believers hug each other and they exchange Eid Mubarak traditional greetings, which mean “Happy Eid”.

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