Argan oil: Moroccan beauty serum

What is Argan oil?

Surely you have already heard about Argan oil, a plant oil extracted by Argan tree seeds. Generally, this tree grows in the South-West of Morocco. Locals gave it the name of “Tree of life”, a name that points out the several properties of this serum.

Argan tree was listed in the UNESCO human heritage in 1998. This achievement has been reached for its environmental and cultural importance in the Moroccan area where it grows. Moreover, the extraction is integrated in several sustainable development initiatives, that aim to support local communities and preserve this fundamental resource.

How is it extracted?

To extract the oil from seeds, Argan tree fruits are collected dried and milled. Later seeds are toasted and pressed. Today this process is still carried out manually by many local communities, that have transmitted their knowledge and extraction tradition from generation to generation.

The Moroccan oil is considered a high quality product used both for culinary and aesthetic purposes. Its rarity makes it a very sophisticated product both on local and overseas market.


Having antioxidant and hydrating properties, Argan oil has numerous healing and beneficial functions, the most important once are developed in cosmetic products like moisturizing, creams, body lotions, hair care products, facial treatments, most of all for its anti-aging action.

However it is always fundamental to pay attenion to quality of the serum, because some producers can use additives and preservatives, that can reduce its quality and pureness.

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