Natural Skincare

Natural skincare has been the secret of Moroccan beauty for years. Discover how to improve your skincare with natural ingredients.

RHASSOUL: Masks and Shampooo to Introduce in your Natural Skincare 

Rhassoul is a yellow-coloured saponiferous mineral clay of volcanic origin, extracted from the Atlas Mountains in North Africa, specifically Morocco.

Rhassoul clay contains silicon, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium and lithium. It is an excellent agent that reduces sebum and maintains balance in the pores. This clay erases blackheads and acne when it is used as a mask or cleanser. Rhassoul can also be used as a shampoo since it stimulates skin renewal.

Simply mix Rhassoul powder with enough water to create a creamy paste to use on the body and hair. 

BELDI: The Must-Have Black Soap for your Skincare Routine

Moroccan black soap, traditionally known as Beldi, has been used as an exfoliant and cleanser for generations. This soap is rich in vitamin E, Argan oil and olive oil.

The consistency is not that of your typical liquid or solid soap but Beldi has a gel-like consistency. Also, despite being called black soap, it has a brown tint.

Beldi leaves your skin soft and moisturised. To enjoy a full experience you can use it with a Kassa glove which promotes and facilitates body exfoliation.

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