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Desert Trekking (4 Days)

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This trekking tour in the Sahara Desert is designed for people with an intermediate-sport level. Consequently, 3 to 5 hours of walking per day are planned.


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  • Activity Level Challenging
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  1. 7:00 AM Day 1: The desert plains of the Sahara

    We will depart on foot from M’Hamid together with our guide, followed by a dromedary caravan on which we can load our equipment. We will then cross the beautiful palm grove of M’hamid until we reach the Draa Valley. Here we will be able to admire the Sahara Desert in all its majesty. We will also have a chance to rest and recover at Race Nkhal before setting off again in the direction of the nomadic shrine of Sidi Naji. At the foot of the dunes of Sidi Naji, we will later set up our bivouac for dinner and overnight stay*.


    *You must be equipped with a camping tent.

  2. 8:00 AM Day 2: Towards the Dunes of Erg-Ez-Zahar

    After a quick breakfast and retrieving our belongings, we will set off in the direction of the Sahara. Once we arrive, we will be able to take a tea break and then enjoy a great lunch all together at Erg-Ez-Zahar, sheltered by the shade of the tamarind-rich vegetation. After this relaxing break, we will be ready to resume our tour to the majestic dunes of Erg Ez-Zahar which lie in the heart of the desert. From these dunes, we will be able to admire the stupendous view that will surely be appreciated by those who love to contemplate the landscapes. We will stay here until sunset to fully enjoy this spectacle.

  3. 8:00 AM Day 3: Rabara

    On the morning of the third day, we will be ready to set off again in the direction of Erg Bo Rabara. Along the way, we will find numerous tamarinds perfect for shelter from the hot sun and for relaxing while drinking tea. Perhaps on the way we may run into some nomads and dromedaries. Finally, we will spend another night under the stars.

  4. 8:00 AM Day 4

    After disassembling our bivouac, we will be ready to get back on the road towards M’hamid, crossing the Draa Valley.