Morocco is a well-known country all over the world with a lot of attractions to be discovered. However, when you decide to visit it is a good practice to make a selection of the most interesting places:


The first one and maybe the most known is Marrakech, famous not only for being a city full of museums, but also for its atmosphere. The main place is Jemma El-Fna square. Instead, Fès is a medieval city divided in “New City” and “Old City” (best known as the old Medina). The third one is Meknes, smaller and less chaotic than the previous ones. The last one is Rabat, the capital, which is a cosmopolitan city that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.


Tangeri is a city located in the far North, characterized by several white little houses typical of Mediterrenean Sea area. Our advice is to visit the Medina, situated on top of a hill. Here, you can see what once upon a time was the Sultan Palace, the Dar el Makhzen, which today is a museum dedicated to Moroccan art. Always in the Medina district you can find the American Legation museum, which is a testimonial of the first diplomatic relations between USA and Morocco.


Casablanca is different from the rest of Morocco for its modern architecture, similar to southern Europe cities. The buildings in the city center are a testimony of the french colonial heritage. In fact, they were built with a mix of art-deco and murish style. One of the main building is the particular Hassan II Mosque, partially built on the water.


For those who want to escape from the chaotic city life, Essaouira is an excellent alternative. This is a seaside city, famous for its beaches and its nightlife. The Skala de la Kasbah is a XVIII century fortification that overlooks the see and protects the Medina. It was created by european engineers. It is possible to see the ocean from city walls.


Agadir is a city that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and it’s an ideal destination for surf lovers. During the last years the city has become famous thanks to the increasing growth of tourism.



Sahara desert is the widest hot desert on Earth. It will fascinate you and you will decide how to cross it: on foot, on a dromedary or with off-road vehicles. Merzouga is a worth visiting place, famous for its sand dunes.


If you are mountain lovers and you go to Morocco both during summer and winter, High Atlas is a whort visiting place, that offers ski lifts or the possibility of doing trekking. At the High Atlas foot there is Ait Benhaddou, a still operating castle. Nearby it is also possible to visit the beautiful Dades and Todra Gorges.


Characterized by several oasis, palm groves and beautiful kasbah, Dades Valley is a worth visiting rocky gorge similar to a canyon. As a matter of fact, is one of the most scenic places all over Morocco and it is also called One Thousand Kasbah street, as along the street it is possible to admire a sequence of fortified kasbah.